Tech Forward Speaker Spotlight: Sam Chenkin

Tech Forward is excited to welcome Sam Chenkin to Nashville this September!  

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Sam manages the consulting and data services team at Tech Impact. During Sam's tenure, they have shepherded Tech Impact through its transition from a regional nonprofit IT services provider to a global influencer in the nonprofit technology field. Sam has built a suite of offering that include low-cost and sustainable cloud migration services, managed IaaS offering, and a thriving data practice that provides database selection, implementation, and support services. Sam’s work has driven the growth of the Tech Impact brand and created an organization that now provides these services to clients around the world.  

Sam is an activist who believes that the issues in our society cannot be changed through simple philanthropy or social enterprise. They believe this change cannot happen in the private sector and required reaching beyond the nonprofit world and directly into communities. Sam seeks to use technology to make the world a better place, rather than to make the rich richer.  

If you are not sure what to do with all the data you’ve collected, Sam’s presentation, “Telling Stories, Making Decisions, and Identifying Trends-- The Power of Data Visualization Tools,” is one that you should attend! Sam will explain tools and software that you can use to change the way you look and use your data. Come and hear real stories about how Tech Impact utilizes data visualization tools to inform it’s work, to tell stories, and also to use it to determine staffing levels, price our services, and dig into complex trends. Get a behind the scenes look at how Tech Impact uses data visualization every day to advance the cause of nonprofit technology.  

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