Tech for Good: Microsoft Azure Helps At-Risk Youths

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To achieve their goals of eradicating childhood malnutrition, and serving disadvantaged families at risk of falling through the gaps in social services. CONIN turned to Microsoft Azure's integrated suite of cloud services – analytics, computing, web and mobile apps, networking, storage, and more – to empower their nonprofit to achieve more impact. What is even better is that Microsoft Philanthropies provides nonprofits with a $5K credit annually towards Azure services. What's even better than that is we are awarding three nonprofits with a $10K technology grant! Learn more here.

Located in Argentina CONIN, identified the most pressing needs of different pockets of the city of Salta—from lack of clean water to insufficient healthy food—CONIN input data into an application developed and hosted in Azure, which they then displayed and shared in Power BI. Which allows their organization to have a quick and easy snapshot of their data that updates seamlessly.

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The result: an accurate and up-to-date visualization of on-the-ground realities. They could then partner with the regional government to pinpoint priorities and direct limited resources at the most urgent issues first. What’s more, this detailed map provided the data to develop a long-term solution: CONIN and the Salta government drafted public policy to prevent malnutrition in the future—and ensure the area’s children have a healthy start to life. 


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