Teacher Appreciation Week Spotlight: Kera Dorsey


#ThankATeacher for Teacher Appreciation Week: May 8-12, 2017

Tech Impact is celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week, and we hope everyone will join us in recognizing the ITWorks and CXWorks instructors. This year’s theme is “Teachers Deliver.” And they do! Teachers deliver so much to our students – inspiration, motivation, and ultimately their futures. From May 8-12, we would like to celebrate teachers and deliver our thanks and gratitude to them.

If you follow the Tech Impact programs – CXWorks and ITWorks – you know that our students are motivated and driven to change the trajectories of their careers during the time they spend in the classroom. You also know that we have a large network of volunteers that make our programs unique through one-on-one mentorship, casual and conversational career advice through Lunch & Learns, and professional development training as part of the Friday Sessions. Lastly, you know that our programs are completely free of charge for the students that we accept – giving them the education and resources they need to succeed without the debt associated with student loans.

What you may not know, however, is that the instructors of these programs are the unsung heroes that glue all the pieces together to ensure we have successful classes each and every time. We asked the students and graduates of our programs to help paint the picture of everything these amazing people do!

Our newest ITWorks class in Las Vegas has been fearlessly led by Kera Dorsey since its inception in the Spring of 2016. With her high energy and quick humor, Kera keeps her students on their toes! One of her students, Denise, has been most appreciative of Kera giving her an opportunity to be in the program despite not coming in with a lot of previous experience. In a similar vein, ITWorks student Bruce says, “I would like to thank Kera for giving me a shot when others did not.” And Kera is not only giving her students the opportunity, but pushing them to achieve success. ITWorks student, Clara, says that, “The only way you can fail [in her classroom] is to give up.” And with Kera’s positive attitude and encouragement, you won’t see that happening.

Our programs would not be the same without the passion and hard work that propels each one of our instructors to deliver for their students every single day. The words of our students go to show the genuine impact that the instructors have on their lives during the ITWorks or CXWorks class, and beyond. There are a lot of valuable and amazing components of these workforce development programs, but these instructors are, without a doubt, the keystone that keeps everything whole. We cannot thank you enough for all that you do!

The ITWorks and CXWorks programs change the life trajectories of our students. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities such as  one-on-one mentorship, casual and conversational career advice through Lunch & Learns, and professional development training as part of the Friday Sessions.


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