How To Successfully Run An Instagram Contest

If your company is not active on Instagram, you should consider adding it to your list of social media platforms; with over 300 million monthly
active users, the platform is an exceedingly popular app that you can utilize to reach out to potential donors, volunteers and clients. As the title suggests, it's also a great virtual space to hold contests on, building excitement for your organization and increasing your fan base. Here are some ways to host a successful Instagram contest to build notice around your brand.

  1. Decide on a contest type

    Instagram is good for contests because it does not have as many promotion limitations as other platforms. This gives organizations the opportunity to get more creative with contest ideas. One of the easiest to host is like contests, where you ask users to like a photo to be considered for a prize. The ease of this type of competition easily increases engagement and brings attention to your account. Comment contests are another easy way to promote engagement between users and brands. Ask your followers to comment on your photo to be considered for a reward and you can gain important feedback while increasing traffic.

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  3. Make your prize relevant

    When a social media contest is created with a specific non-profit in mind, you do not want just anyone to enter your contest. You want to engage your target audience and bring in new followers who will continue to engage with your organization in the future. One of the best ways to do this is to offer a prize that is relevant to your non-profit and its mission. Consider a t-shirt with your logo on it, a spot in a volunteer trip or another prize more inline with your mission. This way, people interested in your non-profit will enter and continue to engage with your organization in the future.

  4. Utilize hashtags

    Choosing and creating the right hashtags for your Instagram contest are a critical part of getting the right people involved. Hashtags boost the exposure on content to the most relevant people, promoting it in a way you can more easily maintain. It also allows you to easily track entries, shares and who is talking about your non-profit. Some good ideas for hashtags are your organization’s name, #contest #instagramcontest and #instagood. Use these hashtags to promote on Instagram and through other social channels to get your users involved and interested in your organization and its mission.

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