SOMETHING TO TECH ABOUT: Q&A with Corey Newhouse, Founder & Principal of Public Profit

Corey Newhouse, Founder and Principal of Public Profit, knows how to help organizations make meaning out of data and we couldn’t be more excited to have her present at this year’s Tech Forward Conference. Take a look at our Q&A with Corey and learn how to collect and utilize meaningful data to help your nonprofit succeed.
Public Profit HeadshotQ1: Tell us about Public Profit and the services it provides to nonprofits.
Public Profit helps mission-driven organizations use data to get better. We’re passionate about helping our clients develop learning and evaluation strategies that support continuous quality improvement. Our services include program evaluation, evaluation capacity building, and data visualization. Most often, we provide a mix of services to our clients, doing some traditional external evaluation while building their team’s capacity to lead the work themselves.
Q2: What are the biggest mistakes nonprofits make when considering/using data? What opportunities are they missing?
Carl Sagan is credited with saying, “If you want to bake an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.” Many of the nonprofits we work with get overwhelmed by trying to think of every piece of data they may ever need, rather than focusing on the mission-critical questions their teams need to answer today. This leads to bloated data collection processes and inaccurate reporting tools. Being disciplined about what data is collected makes it much easier for organizations to turn the corner when it comes to building a culture of learning and evaluation.
Q3: Provide us with a quick snapshot of what you’re planning to discuss during your presentation at Tech Forward 2018.
Too few teams know how to look at data in a way that balances rigor and participation. Instead, “reviewing the data” is a dreaded chore that someone takes on for the sake of others, kind of like cleaning out the office fridge. In my session I’ll share a variety of participatory methods to engage teams with data; these approaches engage everyone on the team, and support high quality decision making that’s informed by the information at hand.
Q4: What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Tech Forward Conference?
Tech has so much opportunity to improve the quality of services that nonprofits provide,  and brings unprecedented challenges alongside. I’m looking forward to learning how leaders in the field are balancing the promise and the challenge of tech, particularly when it comes to improving staff members’ day-to-day and enhancing the quality of services offered to clients.

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