5 Social Media Stats That’ll Help Your Nonprofit Understand Audiences


We know our audiences are out there on social media. They’re busy retweeting, posting, sharing, pinning, and blogging on an array of social media websites and platforms across the Internet. Marketers from the nonprofit sector and the for-profit sector alike are attempting to harness the power of social media to connect with these audiences.

But what social platform are they on the most? How do they use one platform over another? And what’s this I hear about teens leaving Facebook for other social networks, is this true?

Optimizing your content for various social platforms sounds like a good idea, but how can you make sure you’re optimizing it correctly?

You have to first make sure you understand exactly who’s using that outlet, then optimize your content for that unique audience from there. According to research conducted by Pew Internet these 5 social media statistics will help your nonprofit understand exactly how to optimize its content to see better engagement.

  1. 38% of Internet users access social media through mobile

    We’ve talked in the previous blog posts about the importance of mobile to your nonprofit’s digital content marketing future. The Internet is catering to the platform more so than any other hardware platform, so if your website is not responsive, and your content is not showing optimally on smart phone screens, you now know what your next project is.

    On when the best time is to post to your social media feeds, check out this inforgraphic for more detailed information about that.

  2. 23% of Twitter users make less than $30,000 per year

    Having a lower annual income means those Twitter users will have less disposable income. While it is still important to market directly through Twitter, it might also be a good idea to run contests, or campaigns more focused around awareness than fundraising. Twitter for many is simply a way to stay involved in greater conversations that are happening online, engage those users with photo caption, trivia, or retweet contest.

  3. 54% of Millennials use LinkedIn to read professional / business news

    According to a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn, reading industry news posted on the professional social networking site was the top reason for users under 35 to log on and check their feeds. Additionally, the content that is published on this site garners a high amount of trust from its users. Recently, LinkedIn expanded its long-form posts policy to include non-influencers, making it easier for lesser-known content producers (like your progressive nonprofit!) to start engaging with their audience and growing its group of ardent followers.

  4. 76% of Tumblr and 74% of Instagram users are teens

    Understanding who your target audience is never more important than when you’re attempting to engage with teenage populations. Connecting with this niche demographics may seem like a daunting task,

  5. Snapchat’s user base has skyrocketed 67% over the last 6 months

    Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Kik Messenger have become more successful than ever the last 2 years. Brands everywhere are finding unique ways to leverage the power of Snapchat whether accepting job applications or offering coupons in exchange for videos featuring a good, product, or service. Think about ways your nonprofit can engage with and build a more personal relationship with its target audience through Snapchat.


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