Small Nonprofit Transformation Awardees Announced for the Third Cycle

The awardees for the third cycle of 501cTECH’s Small Nonprofit Transformation Initiative (SNTI) have been announced!

Congratulations to Teens Run DC, Project Createand Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development (CNHED).

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Though they improve our community in countless ways, local nonprofits like these face a challenge when it comes to technology. Even a small investment in improving their technology can be transformative as we have seen through our own work in the community.

This is the rationale behind 501cTECH’s Small Nonprofit Transformation Initiative.   We want to help these organizations create a more cost-effective and sustainable technology infrastructure.

SNTI’s Three Stages

1.      A strategic assessment of an organization’s technology needs in the form of a three-year technology roadmap

2.      Implementation of key recommendations from the roadmap

3.      One Year of IT support (subsidized at a monthly fixed rate)

The objective of a strategic assessment is to evaluate not only the organization’s existing technology infrastructure but to review how the organization uses technology to achieve their most important goals.  The strategic assessment provides a three-year technology roadmap—a tool that merges a strategic plan with tangible action items, including making recommendations, prioritizing when recommendations should be implemented and providing the costs of those recommendations.  In the past, many nonprofits have successfully used their technology roadmap for fundraising efforts.

Based on their individual roadmaps, the awardees will be provided with updated hardware and software.  All specifications are based on routine work and include vendor discounts, which are passed directly to the nonprofits.  A key component will be the migration of their data to a cost effective and secure cloud computing solution. Subsidized technology support in the form of patch management, automatic updates and help desk services will be provided to these organizations as part of this initiative.

The turnkey nature of the program is very powerful and will be truly transformative for these organizations.  501cTECH will provide ongoing coaching to the staff of these organizations to help them identify additional ways and means to use free or discounted technology resources.

Our thanks to Clark Charitable Foundation and the Marpat Foundation for their continued support of this worthwhile program.

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