Tip of the Day: Six Tools to Help Share Knowledge

Editor’s note: All this month we’re publishing tech tips for nonprofits. Keep a look out for a new tip each day and let us know what you think in the comments. -Dan 

The need to share knowledge is a common challenge for organizations, and there’s no simple way to solve it. What do you need to share, and with whom? Are they inside your organization or out? Each nonprofit’s needs are different, but the following options can help:

  1. Blogs or Wikis. Ask staff members with knowledge in a particular area to manage a wiki or blog to share information and resources with the rest of the staff.
  2. Virtual group collaboration tools. Collaboration tools can help bring geographically separated people together. Working teams or interest groups could hold meetings via a conference call, online chat, or online meeting tool.
  3. Intranets and shared document spaces. Consider providing areas where teams or experts can upload resources for others to use. These areas might take the form of an organization intranet or shared document spaces in a group collaboration tool.
  4. Create and distribute FAQs. The most obvious, and often very effective, way to address this goal would be to itemize the most common questions, answer them in a document, and then distribute the document to staff.
  5. Consolidated status emails or documents. At a basic level, it can be helpful to ask key staff members to provide periodic status reports that include the key metrics and information you’ve defined. These reports could be weekly, monthly or quarterly, and might take the form of an email or a document saved to a central location.
  6. Online dashboards. If you automatically create an online version of the summary sheet described above, it’s called a dashboard. Dashboards typically pull information from a number of different sources and provide an overview via charts, tables, and indicators.

Start by diagnosing your actual issues and identifying practical goals. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but with a little investigation, you’ll find one that works for you.

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