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Join our community partner Salsa for a new webinar: Advocate, Communicate and Fundraise with Salsa on Thursday Nov 29, 2:00 PM . RSVP > 

Do you need a fundraising, communication and advocacy tool that:

  • lets you manage everything in one place?
  • gives you the freedom to put more resources into your mission instead of technology?
  • gives you access to a network of like-minded organizations?

We’ve got the answer. Salsa is a single, fully-integrated, online platform that helps any nonprofits & political campaigns of all sizes to fundraise, advocate, communicate and organize anytime, anywhere.

Join us for this webinar where we will review Salsa’s core features including:

  • Fundraising and Events
  • Advocacy
  • Supporter Management
  • Communicate Tools
  • Social Media Integration

Salsa changes the nature and extent of what online organizing can do, transforming essential activities (e.g. email, fundraising, advocacy campaigns) into an easy, seamless process.

We’ll show you the value of connecting the primary elements of your campaign or cause:

  • Fundraising: Salsa’s robust online fundraising and donor management capabilities take the complexity out of raising money and effectively managing your donor relationships – making the donation process easy and more secure for you and your supporters.
  • Advocacy: From simple petition pages to letter writing campaigns and other targeted actions, Salsa can help you mobilize your supporters while consolidating your advocacy efforts on one powerful platform that seamlessly integrateswith your website  and online activities.
  • Communicate: The core element of any organizing strategy is communication with your supporters. Whether you’re sending action alerts, monthly newsletters, or donation appeals, we can help you easily create emails, add social sharing features, build targeted lists, and track performance.

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