Can You Really See Your Website?

Kids have a way of noticing things the rest of us have stopped seeing. Why is there a wreath on that door? What is that black camera thing hanging from the ceiling? Why does that lady have blue hair? They so often leave you gazing in the direction of that little pointer finger and stalling for an answer.

It’s easy to fall into the same unseeing trap as a nonprofit, especially when it comes to your website. You’ve probably lived with your site for so long that you no longer notice what’s obvious to other people—it’s old, slow, and hard to use. You need fresh eyes to help you develop a new online look for your organization.

We’ve seen a lot of organization’s struggle with the same website issues you’re likely facing. That’s why we put together From Audit to Redesign: The Complete Nonprofit Website Toolkit. This five-week webinar series will show you best practices for design and accessibility, help you sketch out a content strategy, teach you about optimizing your site for mobile devices, help you think through your organization’s online brand, review content management systems, show you how to manage a website project.

Your website often delivers the first impression for your organization. Make certain it measures up. To register for From Audit to Redesign: The Complete Nonprofit Website Toolkit visit

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