Operational Success Forum: A Success

photo (16)Yesterday’s Operational Success Forum, hosted by 501cTECH, United Way of the National Capital Area, and Mosaica, brought HR, IT and finance to the forefront of the minds of nonprofit professionals in attendance at the Silver Spring Civic Building and inspired useful discussion, proving well worth the months of planning.

To kickoff the forum, Goodwill of Greater Washington President and CEO Catherine Meloy delivered an inspiring keynote with useful insight into how Goodwill arrived at its current position as a leader in the local nonprofit community through investing in the right IT and finance solutions.

“One of my biggest regrets starting out,” said Meloy, “was not investing in the best possible financial person I could find. We now have a great CFO and I can’t tell you how beneficial that has been.”

Another observation she had in retrospect was just how essential an effective and innovative IT department is to every nonprofit, citing an example where implementing a solution that allowed for a “round up” option at checkout in DC Goodwill stores led to over $270,000 in additional income.

The panel discussion, moderated by Mosaica President and CEO Rachael Gibson, further drove home the importance of investing in these departments. 501cTECH’s very own Director of Technology Services, Todd Peterson made the argument that every nonprofit can afford IT support—moreover, most can’t afford not to have it.  He said lost time from slow computers alone could cost an organization $1,500 in a year, whereas the average cost of a new machine is just $700.

The event wouldn't have been such a success if it weren't for the generous support of our wonderful sponsors: Charity Engine, Consultance Accounting Services, Amalgamated Bank, Employ-R Solutions, and Infamia.

Thanks to everyone who attended the forum. We hope to bring more discussions like this on the importance of these departments to you in the future.

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