Online Tools Changing Peer-To-Peer Fundraising



For quite a while, the most popular form of fundraising for social causes has been the peer-to-peer fundraiser. Whether it’s a bike race, a 5K, a walk, whatever, for a long time nonprofits and other organizations have relied on supporters to branch out to their friends, family members, coworkers, etc., to raise money.

But as reported in a recent post from npEngage, a lot of that is changing. Sure, there are still bike tours and 5ks, and there probably always will be, but more and more the organizations that run these events and those who participate in them are turning to the web to raise money.

There are also a lot of new tools that are allowing people to raise more money more efficiently. When people once had to rely on mail, or even go door to door, now most of that activity takes place online. Check out npEngage’s post to learn more about how these tools are changing fundraisers.

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