NV Energy Partners with Tech Impact Workforce Development Program CXWorks

NV Energy Site Tour 2.jpgGretchen Djukanovich (Director, Customer Contact), Angelica Silveyra (Manager, Customer Contact), and Chris Higgins (Director, Talent Acquisition), recently partnered with Tech Impact to provide students in their training program with resume and cover letter writing tips, as well as a tour of NV Energy’s Contact Center. They have a history of helping others in the community by volunteering their time with various nonprofit organizations. CXWorks is a Tech Impact workforce development program that offers free career training to master the customer experience. Students immerse themselves in the skills and knowledge required to be a customer service professional and graduate ready for call center positions.

The purpose of the tour was to give students an opportunity to experience, meet, and interact with professionals in a call center environment. In addition, the students had an opportunity to learn soft skills to enhance their confidence and partner with Customer Service Representatives who will serve as mentors. Mentors help CXWorks students stay motivated, provide guidance and support, and encourage them through the duration of the class (and sometimes beyond). Mentors typically spend one hour a week either in person, via phone, or through email.

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“The presentation, interaction and engagement with our students was excellent”, said Cami Lewis (Community Manager, Tech Impact Las Vegas Opportunity Center). “It definitely communicated the culture you have there at NV Energy and just shows why people make NV Energy their career home for life. Our students came away inspired, and many of them would like to make NV Energy their home, too.”

“Customer service is the experience we deliver to our customers and we’re proud to be part of a program that helps students get a competitive advantage in this area”, said Gretchen Djukovanich, Director, Customer Contact. The students came away with resumes they are proud of and feel confident in. They were eager to put the finishing touches on them afterwards, thanks to informative and constructive feedback. Partnerships with local businesses provide an opportunity for students to learn and grow not only in the classroom, but outside the classroom as well. They get exposed to professional environments, and connect with professionals in the field they are studying, which provides a lasting impression.

Below are some comments from students who visited the Contact Center:

Sheikh Ahmed Hydara

How do you feel about the CXWorks Program?
“Amazing! Did not know it would be this much education. It changed what I was expecting from the program and has motivated me to be better.

What are you looking to gain from the CXWorks program?
“What I want out of the program is to gain the knowledge to point me in the right direction to obtain a job with good pay so I can go to college and graduate. I really want to graduate college and earn that degree for my mom who lives in Africa.”

Mark Sebastian

How do you feel about the CXWorks Program?
“Today was awesome. I have enjoyed seeing so much. Sitting with Knisha allowed me to see her take calls. She was cool and calm. I have learned a lot so far and am hoping to learn more from the program.”

Toynee Bodie

How do you feel about the CXWorks Program?
“I am so excited by the growth and experience, it’s more than I could have ever imagined.”

Did you find the visit to NV Energy beneficial?
“Yes, very. It helped me to see many work solutions, I wish I could have had this experience earlier, it would have helped me in my previous jobs. Seeing Raul take charge of the calls was very helpful. I like that you guys care about the employee morale, I was afraid when I came but the supervisor interactions made me feel at ease. This was a great opportunity and experience.”

Qyneesha House

What are you looking to gain from the CXWorks program?
“I hope to learn better customer service skills and better myself. Learn how to have a successful interview.”

What did you think about today’s event?
“Awesome and very helpful, I enjoyed all the stories.”

Austin Hughes

What are you looking to gain from the CXWorks program?
“I would like to learn to be more confident, be more responsible and learn to network.”

Maria Ortiz

What are you looking to gain from the CXWorks program?
“I would like to gain more experience in customer service and to understand people.”

Kenton Jones

What are you looking to gain from the CXWorks program?
“I hope to gain better knowledge on how to communicate and conduct business in a professional setting.”

Story By Doretha Easler for NV Energy Internal Communications

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