Why Your Nonprofit’s Website Should Be Your Top Priority


Everyone knows your nonprofit needs a website, sure, but when was the last time your nonprofit updated its website? When was the last time you conducted any kind of feedback testing? Upgraded its servers? Is your website responsive, or ‘mobile friendly’?

The truth is, the nonprofit website is the most important attribute of any nonprofit’s digital marketing plan. And it’s often the most ignored.

According to recent research conducted by Peer1 hosting, charities are leaking millions of dollars in donations every year due to slow, old, and most egregiously, un-responsive websites.

So why is the nonprofit website so important? Here are a few reasons we think you need to be giving your nonprofit’s website a makeover in 2016.

Why Your Website’s So Important

1. It’s where potential supporters become actual supporters

Sure, your nonprofit is using email campaigns, social media, and is constantly engaged with the community at in-person events. But what happens after all that initial contact you make with an potential supporter? Someone who isn't already actively engaged with your nonprofit, and could provide tremendous value going forward?

They're going to your website to learn more about you. Plain and simple. And when they do, if they go to your website and it's not engaging, it loads slowly, or has nothing for them to interact with when they get there, that potential difference maker might just walk away from your nonprofit, and you might never be able to get them back.

2. It’s your sandbox

Sure, you have a Twitter and a Facebook. But all you can do to those profile pages is change the header image, avatar, and share posts. There's nothing you can intrinsically change about how those pages look, feel, and act.

Your website holds infinite stylistic possibilities that, if implemented effectively, can be completely polarizing to your nonprofit. Whether it’s putting in a new landing page, adding in a widget that nets you more email addresses, or helps your nonprofit appeal to a new audience, your website has the capacity to change dramatically and very quickly. This kind of design altering capability simply does not exist on your social channel profiles. 

How To Make Your Website More Effective

1. Responsive and mobile friendly matters

According to InMobi, almost 60% of Internet is coming through mobile devices. That means there's a greater change that potential supporters, donors, volunteers, and other constituents essential to your nonprofit's future will access your nonprofit's website via a mobile device.

The time of the mobile Internet isn’t coming, it’s already arrived. The time to get mobile ready was yesterday.

2. Know what they’re looking at

What makes digigtal marketing so exciting when compared to traditional marketing avenues is that almost every interaction is measurable. Time spent on pages,number of pageviews, clicks, click-through-rates, referral sources, and more are all effective tools to measure how your digital marketing is impacting your nonprofit's website.

If your nonrpofit isn't already tracking page views, the time to start is now.

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