How Your Nonprofit’s e-Newsletter Can Help Retain Donors

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One of the biggest difficulties facing nonprofits today is donor retention. Because of this, nonprofits have started thinking outside the box to find new ways to keep donors giving fundraising campaign after campaign.

However, one of the most used internet communication tools, the email newsletter, could be one of the most efficient and effective tools for keeping a donor’s interest.

Because you’re most likely already sending an newsletter out to donors and other constituents, all your nonprofit needs to do is start sending the right type of content within the newsletter that has the potential to retain donors.

Here are 6 ideas to help you get started retaining donors, and increasing your donations quickly and easily.

  1. Report to the donors the impact of their donations

    Donors are trusting your nonprofit to take their money and promote real change in another human being’s life somewhere in the world. This is big commitment that not a single nonprofit I know of takes lightly.

    reward that commitment and trust by visually representing what change was made using their donation. Maybe it’s a school in a remote part of the world, or an animal’s life was spared. Whatever the cause, make sure donors are informed of how their donation is making a change

  2. Include more stories

    You’ve spent all kinds of time and effort regaling a success story and sharing it through social media platforms, so do not just assume that people saw your post on Facebook. Share those uplifting success stories with your email subscribers that will lighten their day. Link back to your Facebook post and give them the opportunity to share the post.

  3. Utilize different content to engage different audiences

    Don’t forget to tailor content to fit a target audience. Yes, even your email newsletters need to be written and adapted based on who you’re trying to reach. Whether it be telling volunteers their hard work is what made everything possible, or reminding donors their dollars changed the lives of so many people. Use your email newsletter to remind specific people that their dedication to your nonprofit is not going unnoticed.

  4. Analytic always matter

    Analyze the data that’s being returned to you to make necessary changes to your email newsletter. Find out which letter was opened more, which links were being clicked on the most, and what stories are being shared more often. By considering these changes and making changes to your next communication, you’re ensuring more better interaction every time.

  5. Cross-promote with social media

    We all know social media is an important medium for promoting our nonprofit. Use your email newsletter to let your constituents know what they can expect from each of your nonprofit’s social channels.

    • Facebook: Rich photos and detailed organizational information
    • Twitter: All the latest news and information
    • LinkedIn: Archived blog posts and professionally focused information

  6. Ensure your sidebar is on the right

    This might sound like odd advice, but it’s true. We read emails and all text from left to right so having the sidebar on the left hand side of the screen can easily confuse or distract a reader’s eye. It is the simple changes like that can have a dramatic effect on the amount your email newsletter is interacted with.

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