Your Nonprofit's Checklist For A Seamless Cloud Migration

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As clouds become even more powerful and, and packages and services become more comprehensive, organizations become more receptive to the idea of migrating to the cloud. One reservation many organizations have with making the switch is how difficult the migration process could be potentially.

The truth is, the migration process does not need to be difficult, time consuming, or expensive. If your nonprofit has properly prepared, it can be a breeze making the switch.

Here are a few tips to help your nonprofit make a switch to the cloud seamlessly.

  1. Choose the right partner

    There are a bevy of platforms and service levels to choose from when considering a cloud. Make sure your nonprofit is partnering with the provider who can intelligently help you choose the right plan and package to fit your needs. Make sure they can clearly define your nonprofit’s needs, and a clear implementation strategy.

  2. Build a team

    Building a team of role players in any project is an important step to success. Make sure you have someone who thoroughly understands the technology, a project leader who manages projects, and someone who is responsible for training the rest of the organization on how to properly utilize the technology.

  3. Understand the cost of ownership

    Sure there’s a sticker price, but like anything else there’s a cost of ownership. Training, upgrades, user adoption, and staff time are all hidden costs of any tech adoption. Make sure your nonprofit is properly prepared for any financial curveball that’s throw its way.

  4. Start small

    With the amount of capability and power behind a cloud solution, it is easy to get carried and go for the home run. It’s always best to start small. Implement a cloud solution that can grow with the needs of your nonprofit, instead of letting it dictate how you work.

  5. Have an exit strategy

    Chances are good that your nonprofit’s needs are constantly changing. Though your mission is likely staying the same, what you need to get there is fluid. Ensure your nonprofit does not become constrained by your cloud, that your data is able to be exported at anytime, and you are not constrained to working with only one developer.

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