Why Nonprofit Websites Are Dictated By Social Media




Social media has changed a lot about the nonprofit sector. From the way we communicate with constituents, recruit volunteers, and thank donors, to dictating our marketing budgets in some cases, social media matters now more than ever.

But it’s doing more than just changing our direct communication channels. It’s also impacting web design.

With more and more traffic being sent to our organization’s webpages from social media, it’s even more important that our websites are responsive.


Because more social media users are on mobile than ever before, and those numbers are not expected to decrease any time soon. Therefore, all the time you’re spending developing, implementing, and refining your social media strategy could be all for naught if your website isn’t responsive.

Here are a few stats for your to chew on:

• 80% of all Twitter traffic is coming from mobile devices. (source)

• 51% of all Facebook referrals come from mobile devices. (source)

• 17% of all donations made on #GivingTuesday in 2014 were made from mobile devices. (source)

• 62% of generation Y donors would give by mobile phone. (source)

With so much traffic being dictated by mobile, and the public growing even more interested in using their mobile devices to not only interact with others, but give to their favorite charities, the time to upgrade your nonprofit’s website, and social media services, is today.

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