Nonprofit Excel Data Visualization Tricks of the Trade

Nonprofit Excel Data Visualization Tricks For Donations, Fundraisin, Volunteers

These days, "data" is all around us. Nonprofits are constantly collecting it through websites, emails, social media, at events, and over the phone. A lot of it is even collected automatically through tools like Google Analytics or a Salesforce CRM. This effort alone, however, is only the tip of the iceberg.

Telling stories and making decisions based on this data is where the real power comes in. If you can master this, you could be able to go to your donors and show them how big of an impact their recent contributions have made (and then ask for another donation, of course), or check in with your volunteers and let them know how many lives they have been able to change.

Regardless of the story you hope to tell, you first need to know how to extract it and understand how to present it. Continue reading this post on 8 Types of Excel Charts & When You Should Use Them to uncover:

  1. Creating the right charts
  2. How to compare values
  3. When and how to create a pie chart
  4. Charting and analyzing data over time (days, months, years, etc)
  5. Showing correlation between data sets
  6. Creating interactive visualizations
  7. Plotting data across several dimensions
  8. Layering data

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