Newsletter vs. Blog: Which Should You Choose in 2018?

For many nonprofits this can be a tough decision. Most would like to be able to effectively implement both. In an ideal world, that would drive the most amount of traffic. Yet, as is the nature of nonprofit work, in some cases, that would mean spreading yourself thin. If you can choose to do one to the best of your ability, that would gain you more attention than doing a half-decent job trying to implement both. So here's the deal: In any case, it is important to keep in touch and engage with your audience via e-mail updates. The frequency of these can be up to you, but they are important to maintain (according to this Wild Apricot article) because:

  • It teaches your subscribers to expect ongoing updates from you (think of it like a magazine subscription).
  • It generates more views and shares of your content.
  • It creates a regular opportunity to start a conversation with your subscribers (ask them to donate, come to an event, become a member, etc.).
  • You learn over time which topics resonate better with your subscribers, allowing you to focus on those that are more successful (use your email open and click rates as measures of success).

Blogging can be a very good tactic due to its ability to help your organization become discovered more quickly in search engines. It also is a very shareable medium and can easily be shared via social media. Depending on your organization goals, blogging might not be the best option though.

Newsletters are also very valuable as they tend to be just a tad more personal than blogs which can effectively warrant a lower unsubscribe rate among your audience. They can also include and direct your audience to other links which they might find useful.

In order to discover which format is right for you, you may want to take a look at the link provided in order to settle this grueling decision and come to a decision regarding what to implement this year.

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