NCSAM: Spooky Cybersecurity Facts And Infographic

Think Halloween is scary? What about your computer?

Cybersecurity does not only apply to individuals, but to organizations as well. Protecting your donor and volunteer information is incredibly important in addition to day-to-day business information.

For nonprofits, there are many solutions for segmenting, storing, and accessing information securely, to help protect your constituents. Check out some of these stats from Zenoss on SlideShare:

  1. 80% of CIOs rely on some infrastructure through a private cloud.

  2. 54% of organizations have some trust in the cloud when it comes to securing their data.

  3. 43% have a great deal of trust when it comes to cloud security.

  4. 72% of organizations using the cloud are using it for financial data.

  5. For 99% of the organizations surveyed, security played a big role in cloud implementation and services provided.

Cyber Security Infographic

Infographic courtesy of Trend Micro and Mashable.

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