Celebrating National Volunteer Week - CXWorks and ITWorks Alumni


Katie, far right, is an ITWorks graduate and gives back to the program that helped her get started in the IT field.

In recognition of National Volunteer Week, Tech Impact is spotlighting some of our amazing volunteers each day this week. The ITWorks and CXWorks volunteers are such an asset to these programs, and they make a huge impact on our students. Our programs would not be the same without them!

Some of our most valued volunteers are graduates of the ITWorks and CXWorks programs! Graduates are often ecstatic to give back to the program that helped them get their start. For us, it is rewarding to see these former students come full circle – from brand new information technology and customer service professionals to career-oriented individuals who mentor, supervise interns, and share their experience. Read on to learn how some of our graduates volunteer and what motivates them to give back.

Tech Impact: As graduates of one of our programs, you are in a unique position to be extremely valuable volunteers. How have you volunteered with CXWorks or ITWorks since you graduated?

mattMatt, ITWorks PA Spring 2014: I have volunteered in every way possible so far. I have mentored two students and I am currently mentoring another one. I have been to almost every grad panel [pictured to the right] since I graduated. I am on the pilot program for the Alumni Ambassador program. I have gone to social events, the ITWorks luncheon, and I have done two videos for Tech Impact. 

Katie, ITWorks DE Spring 2017: I have volunteered with ITWorks by becoming an ambassador, sharing all the notes in OneNote that I created while I was in class, and by stopping by the class on occasion to provide my support and tips on how to achieve their A+ and Cisco Essential Certification.  

Tech Impact: What drives you to give back to these programs?  

Matt: I have always been a firm believer that knowledge makes the world go round. The more we know as a species the more we will be able to accomplish and push our world forward for the good, hopefully. Informing others that they have the ability to achieve their dreams and actually do something with their futures gives them a chance to survive and thrive. I want to be on the frontline pushing towards a tomorrow where everyone can achieve their potential. Since ITWorks helped me get my foot in the door I want to show others that this program can help you launch yourself in the direction you desire as long as you are persistent.

katieKatie: My drive for giving back comes from my time in ITWorks. I gained such a wealth of information, soft and hard skills, and amazing connections. I want to be able to pass along everything I learned and picked up from my time in the program. I want everyone who goes into the program after me to succeed.

Dozens of ITWorks and CXWorks graduates donate their time to the programs that helped them get their start. Thanks to Matt and Katie, and all of the other alumni who are paying it forward.

To learn more about volunteering with Tech Impact, visit our Program pages.

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