Modernize Your Nonprofit's Technology

iStock-486772894.jpgAs technology evolves at a fleeting pace it becomes harder for nonprofits to keep up with our ever expanding options for upgrades.
Join Tech Impact for a webinar "Modernize Your Nonprofit's Technology" to learn about the most popular tools nonprofits of all sizes and budgets are implementing to move their organizations forward. We will outline the best productivity, collaborative, and analysis tools available at nonprofit discounts or donations. We'll give you the information you need to take steps to upgrade your existing technology in the New Year.

Attend this webinar if you can identify with at least one of the following solutions:

  • You are trying to pull your organization into the 21st century without breaking the bank. 
  • Perhaps you’re operating with an onsite server, or you’re unhappy with your current mail provider (and you’re paying for that service), or you’re not backing up your data very efficiently and securely.
  • You’d like your staff to be more mobile and flexible in how they work. 
  • You need to be compliant. You’re a human services organization and you handle sensitive information. Your business depends on complying with some sort of abbreviation.
  • You need to increase collaboration. You feel like your staff are working on their own islands. You and your colleagues spend a significant amount of time emailing document versions back and forth or looking for files buried in the server. Your organization could benefit from more collaboration with its volunteers, donors or board

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