Migrating QuickBooks to the Azure Cloud Platform

The purpose of this blog is to explain the security advantages of migrating on-premises QuickBooks to the Azure cloud platform. The security advantages will be explained as they relate to the CIA triad. The CIA triad is a fundamental security model used to guide efforts
and policy aimed to keep data secured. The CIA has nothing to do with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency; rather, the initials stand for the three principles on which
information security rests:

  • Confidentiality: Only authorized users and processes should be able to access or modify data
  • Integrity: Data should be maintained in a correct state and nobody should be able to improperly modify it, either accidentally or maliciously
  • Availability: Authorized users should be able to access data whenever they need to do so

Confidentiality of data is improved by migrating QuickBooks to the Azure cloud platform due to stricter authentication controls.

  1. Security groups are used to provide access to the virtual machine which hosts QuickBooks. This is an improvement over on-premises installations in which any user account could successfully logon to any workstation.
  2. Multi-Factor Authentication using DUO provides an additional layer of security to ensure only authorized users can access QuickBooks. MultiFactor Authentication is not commonly used to connect to a workstation with QuickBooks installed.
  3. Connectivity to QuickBooks is configured behind a secure barrier called a Remote Desktop Gateway. The Remote Desktop Gateway encrypts the communication between the end-user and the virtual machine hosting QuickBooks. This gateway along with secure port configurations, provides an additional layer of security.

Integrity of QuickBooks data is improved by migrating QuickBooks to the Azure cloud platform through data backups and authentication controls which prevent unauthorized access to the data.

  1. Recoverable data backups of QuickBooks ensure data is maintained in its correct state.
  2. The authentication controls prevent unauthorized access to the QuickBooks data.

Availability of QuickBooks is improved with redundant failover systems in Azure.

  1. Azure virtual machines are hosted on redundant, geographically dispersed systems. In the event of an issue with the infrastructure, the virtual machine can continue to run from another data center. A workstation running QuickBooks does not have
    redundant systems; therefore, any issues with the workstation result in QuickBooks becoming unavailable for lengthy amount of time and could also result in data loss.

There are many reasons to consider moving QuickBooks to the cloud. Your sensitive financial data will be dramatically more secure, and accessibility will be significantly improved. Microsoft is offering attractive incentives that allow nonprofits to take advantage of this platform without significant investment.

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