Microsoft Say's Nonprofits Should Be Prepared for a Cyber Attack


A recent report by Microsoft reveals a 300% increase in the number of malicious attacks on its cloud services. Nonprofits are increasingly becoming targets for attacks. Cryptolocker, WannaCry and various phishing scams are plaguing the nonprofit community and costing organizations thousands. The good news is that there is plenty you can do to ensure your organization does not fall victim to scams and attacks.

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report

As more and more enterprise systems have moved to the cloud, more and more malicious attacks on cloud services have followed. According the Microsoft report, there was a "300 percent increase in Microsoft cloud-based user accounts attacked year-over-year." The attacks on cloud services can be traced to all countries of the world, but in the case of Azure specifically, some 35% originated in China, with another 32% coming from the United States.

The report also shows that the security vulnerability most often exploited by criminals is stolen or compromised account sign-in credentials. Whether the passwords are stolen, guessed because they are too simple, or acquired through social engineering, people and passwords remain the weak link when it comes to enterprise security. 

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Image: Microsoft News

Nonprofits must continue to employ and enforce solid security protocols, including:

  • Reducing the risk of credential compromise by educating users.
  • Enforcing security policies that control access to sensitive data.
  • Avoiding access to corporate systems using Wi-Fi hotspots and other unsecure networks.
  • Updating operating systems and other enterprise software on a regular basis.

The good news is Tech Impact is here to help ensure your organization does not fall victim to scams and attacks.

Our Director of Consulting Services, Sam Chenkin, has put together a webinar recording about affordable and effective solutions including, user training, Azure Active Directory, two factor authentication, single sign on and enterprise security.

You can view it anytime just click the image below.  

IT Security for Nonprofits

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