Microsoft Azure Makes the Hybrid Cloud Migration Easier for Nonprofits


For any nonprofit looking for a tool that goes beyond just software, let us introduce you to Microsoft Azure. How can Azure help your nonprofit? Your organization can use this cloud computing platform as a solution for authentication, server replacement, development platform and disaster recovery. Most importantly, Microsoft offers a reoccurring $5,000/year credit to qualifying 501c3 organizations. Azure is a great choice for nonprofits because it is maintained by Microsoft, which relieves the burden of spending your resources on maintaining a server.

Most customers we talk with are using a Hybrid Cloud approach to take advantage of the cloud and their existing applications and infrastructure. Whether you’re considering migrating some or all your applications to the cloud, the transition from on-premises requires careful planning. You need to understand how much it will cost, how to size your environment, what virtual machine options to choose, and more – and you want to do all this in the smartest and most cost-effective way possible.


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Is your nonprofit already using Azure? You’re in luck - Microsoft is holding a contest for current NPO Azure users. They want to hear how your organization is using their platform in modern and innovative ways through a simple survey. The winner of this contest will receive $10,000 in Azure credit, which will help to further grow your organization and its mission. Microsoft is giving you an opportunity to show your impact as an NPO, and they want to reward your hard work.

The deadline to enter is April 24th, 2017. Click HERE to fill out the survey and be in the running for Microsoft’s $10,000 Azure credit.

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