Microsoft And IBM Researchers Working Together On Cloud Security



These days it’s getting routine for organizations and companies to store sensitive data on third party servers, or the cloud. Despite the widespread use of such services many organizations simply trust that the third party is securing information properly, instead of using technology to be certain.

According to a recent post from Technology Review, researchers from Microsoft and IBM have been working together to develop technology that allows organizations to be sure their data is secure and not tampered with.

The researchers developed software called Pinocchio, which they say acts as a form of data “lie detector” that checks to make sure cloud services use data appropriately. The software uses advanced verification systems to confirm that third party cloud service providers are doing the work they say they are, protecting the organizations that trust those service providers.

It’s all a bit technical, but the project could lead to big changes in cloud security. Check out Technology Review’s post to learn more.

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