Meet Jesur Castillo: CXWorks Student Spotlight

The Fall 2018 CXWorks class started last week, and this new group of young people in Las Vegas are all eager to launch their Customer Experience careers. We sat down with Jesur Castillo, a new student who decided to pursue this opportunity when his wife’s career was transformed after graduating the program. He’s ready to find the same success that she has. Read on to learn more about Jesur’s story!

CXWorks: Congrats on successfully completing your first week of the CXWorks program! I’m sure there was a lot going on in the classroom, but what stands out from Week 1?

Jesur: I was pretty nervous walking in on day one. Everybody has different experiences and a different background, so I wasn’t sure where I would fit. My nerves were quickly resolved as Bri brought us together as a class and helped us get to know one another. We were also to discover together who we truly are, and not the preconceived notions of what we thought we were. Oh, and the first Friday Session at Ameriprise was great! I was super nervous for this as well, because I thought it was going to be super formal. But it wasn’t! It was a business environment for sure, but their whole team made us feel like we belonged there. I could actually see myself working there!

CXW: Well that sounds like an amazing way to kick off your CXWorks journey! How did it all start for you? What led you to our program?

J: I heard about the program through my wife who previously graduated from the program. I didn’t really think much of it at first, but as she went through the program – I could see so much change in her. She used to be so shy and unsure, but the positive impact on her life – on our life – I don’t even know how to describe it. The testimony of her experience as a CXWorks student was all the proof I needed to know that it works. So, here I am. I want that same positivity in my life. Her and I together, we’ll be quite the power team.

CXW: Wow! You really got to experience the impact of the program firsthand. I bet that had to be such an exciting transformation to witness. So, you’ve seen your wife find success here. What will success look like for you?

J: Looking forward, I want to be able to fully equip myself with the skills and knowledge I need to be a professional. I want to take as much information as I can from the volunteers at Friday Sessions and Lunch and Learns. I want to network with as many people as possible and learn from my mentor. I overall just want to become a better person but also how to be the best customer experience professional out there.

CXW: Those are great goals! I have no doubt that you will find success in your career in the customer service field. Did you always know that this was the industry you wanted to be in?

J: I have some experience in customer service in the food industry, but I want to take that background and transform it into a career. I always loved helping people at work, and seeing customers return because of the great work I had done – that made me feel good. It really is about the experience for customers, so the idea of “customer experience” really hits home to me. I want it to be about more than just delivering a product.

You’re in the right place to do just that, Jesur! Make sure you check back during the last week of CXWorks Fall 2018 to check-in with Jesur to hear about his experience and learn where he’s going next.

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