Meet ITWorks Student Chastayne Jackson

Our Fall 2019 ITWorks Philadelphia class is preparing to graduate on December 12. We're thrilled that 16 young adults will enter 2020 with the skills and knowledge needed to launch their careers in IT. This intensive 16-week program is truly a team effort involving dedicated students, instructors, volunteers, and donors. Just ask Chastayne Jackson, who found the support of our instructors, staff, and volunteers instrumental to her success in the program.

Chastayne learned about ITWorks from a friend who completed the program and secured a job after graduation. She decided to enroll in ITWorks while continuing to juggle two additional jobs as a home healthcare aide and a phone operator for a translation service.  Chastayne says she was looking for a change in her career. The program appealed to her because it was free, and because it included an internship that would help her make the transition to a different field of work.

What did she like best about the program?

“The instructors and staff are supportive. I’m thankful that you are very helpful to me individually and to us as a class. I also like the Friday sessions. I got the most out of time management at Comcast. Also, the visit to the Judge Group and working on emotional intelligence with Accenture. Professionally it helped to reinforce how to address situations, how to handle a customer who is angry or has less knowledge about IT than I do, and how to interact with your coworkers. The session also reinforced listening and how to follow directions in a school or work environment.”

Chastayne is currently completing an internship at the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, where her responsibilities include updating PCs and laptops, setting up printer access, and completing printer repairs. She is also learning to monitor the network. Chastayne is happy that she has the opportunity to gain hands-on experience during her internship. After graduation, she plans to secure a full-time job with benefits.

“That is my goal, to be stable financially," she said. "I’m willing to work anywhere. I’m willing to learn anything.”

In the end, Chastayne is happy she decided to complete the ITWorks program while also juggling the other commitments in her life.

“I was impressed that it was already free and we don’t have to pay for books. But it was a surprise to me that we got lunch sometimes and a stipend for internship. I just felt like, wow, this was such a good program. I’m glad I didn’t quit – I’m glad I went through it. It shows that you really do care, that the program is not about money, it’s about helping the students’ progress in their careers and their knowledge. I was just really impressed. And I know it’s thanks to a lot of the sponsors who donated money to the program, in addition to the instructors.”

Congratulations to our entire 39th ITWorks graduating class! Please visit our website to learn more about the program, submit an application, or volunteer. Consider making a tax-deductible donation to  help us continue to change the lives of young adults. 

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