ITWorks Alumni Spotlight: Darian Norberg

Darian Norberg graduated from our ITWorks Las Vegas class eight months ago and has been working for the City of Las Vegas as an IT Security Technician intern. While “intern” is in her title, she’s happy with her profession and knows that with the skills she’s gained from her ITWorks training, a promotion is in her future.  

“I work in a specific IT field that I love wholeheartedly, with a team that wants to see and help me grow in any way they can, and a manager that [sees] my worth and praise[s] my contributions and work ethic.” 

Darian credits the ITWorks program as having renewed her interest in IT. Before participating in ITWorks, Darian was struggling to find a job. Despite having an Associate Degree, Darian noticed that companies were looking for individuals with more technical experience. Tech Impact’s ITWorks was able to provide Darian with the experience and certification that she needed to jump start her career. Since graduating from the ITWorks program in May 2019, Darian has been honing her skills as a security technician for the City of Las Vegas, with dreams of ultimately become a Director of Cyber for a company or IT firm in the future.  

One aspect of the ITWorks training that stuck with Darian was participating in the Friday Sessions and having the opportunity to connect with different companies in the Las Vegas area. Another valuable lesson Darian learned from the program was the power of saying, I don’t know. “You are not going to know everything once you’re out of the program. That’s the beauty of IT – you never stop learning.” 

An unexpected benefit of the ITWorks program has been the connections that Darian has discovered. Everywhere Darian goes, she manages to meet someone connected to the ITWorks network. Darian feels that she will never run out of opportunities to grow her network and develop professional relationships. 

We are excited to see what’s in store for Darian as she continues to excel in her career. Learn more about how you can get involved with the ITWorks program as a student, mentor, or volunteer. 

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