ITWorks Alumni Spotlight: Bryan Yong

Bryan Yong was working as a Table Games Dealer at the Valley Forge Casino and was eager for a career change. He learned about the ITWorks program from two graduates who encouraged him to apply. Not wanting to miss an opportunity for a free tech training program, Bryan quickly submitted his application.

“...the accessibility for young adults who are looking for something new, that if they can just apply and get in, that gives them a new path and way in life for them to pursue a career and jumpstart their life. Given that it’s free, you won’t be held back financially – like with college and taking on debt – so that’s amazing”

One of the best parts of the program for Bryan was getting connected to different companies and C-level executives. Having mentorship from leaders in the field was fruitful for Bryan who communicated with his mentor frequently. Additionally, Bryan benefitted from the sessions with partner organizations such as Accenture and Citizens Banks where he further developed his professional development skills.

When COVID-19 hit, Tech Impact quickly found new ways to deliver the in-person networking opportunities of the program. Bryan appreciated the opportunity to learn how to be adaptable to any work environment. “Everyone was always super helpful in finding new resources and new avenues for learning. Everyone at Tech Impact and ITWorks [is] great.”

As a part of the 16-week program, ITWorks secures a five-week internship for each student. These internships supply valuable real-world experience for the students, and help them in building their resumes and in job interviews. Bryan interned at Freire Charter Schools on the IT support desk where he spent his time helping with Chromebook issues, password resets, and providing families with internet. Bryan’s internship with Freire was extended through the summer, where he continued to build his skills and experience. He was able to use the skills he learned during his 16-weeks of training and his internship experience to secure a full-time position with the School District of Philadelphia working as a Technical Support Engineer.

We are incredibly happy to hear about Bryan’s success, especially during these uncertain times brought on by the pandemic. If you are inspired by Bryan’s story and are interested in the program or know someone who would be, please visit

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