Meet Heather Green – The Newest ITWorks Instructor in Philly

I am beyond excited to work with my first group of ITWorks students! I come from a background of STEM education for middle-schoolers, but I became an accidental techie along the way. I was a fan of Tech Impact for about a year before this opportunity arose for me, so I am stoked to be here! The confluence of technology, education, and career guidance for local youth fulfills so many passions and interests of mine.

I have high expectations for myself and equally high expectations for my students. I am relationship-driven and cannot wait to develop partnerships with each member of the class. I consider student successes as personal and professional successes for myself.

When I’m not working, you can find me at the park, taking photos and walking all over this amazing city, reading, or consuming the latest Netflix obsession. I am a serial do-gooder and support my community in a multitude of ways.

I do not take myself too seriously and am frequently laughing, but conversely take my students’ needs and goals exceptionally serious. Their success is my mission.
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