Meet CXWorks Student Antonio Davis-Robinson

On November 21, our Fall 2019 CXWorks class and their friends and family are gathering at City Hall in Las Vegas to accept their CXWorks diplomas. During the past eight weeks, these students have immersed themselves in learning the skills required to be a Customer Service professional and graduate ready for call center positions. We’re incredibly proud of all our students and would like to highlight one of the stars from our 10th graduating class, Antonio Davis-Robinson.

Antonio learned about the CXWorks class through his case manager at the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, a service provider for thousands of young people experiencing homelessness in Southern Nevada.  Prior to the program, Antonio was working as a shift manager at McDonalds and saw CXWorks as an opportunity to build upon his existing customer service and customer care experience and launch his career in the industry.

“The thing that I like most about the program is the support that I receive from other classmates and also from my teacher,” commented Antonio. “I’ve learned about how to excel my skills in a professional career setting and how I can apply them in any situation and in the Customer Service industry.”

After graduation, Antonio plans to pursue a career path that will leverage his customer experience skills to make a difference in the community. He also plans to pursue further education in the medical field.

Join us in congratulating Antonio and the rest of our CXWorks graduates. We wish you much success!

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CXWorks Fall 2019 Class
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