Meet CXWorks Las Vegas Student: Jazmyn Reyes

The Fall 2020 CXWorks class is preparing to graduate at the end of October. For the past eight-weeks, thirteen students have immersed themselves in learning the skills required to be customer experience professionals and will graduate ready for call center positions. This is especially exciting for one graduate, Jazmyn Reyes. Jazmyne was working at a local smoothie café when her mother told her about the free CXWorks training program.  

Jazmyn was interested in pursuing a career in the customer experience industry and CXWorks seemed like a great opportunity to do just that.  “This program has helped me grow professionally by teaching me how to make myself more marketable and [by] teaching me responsibility and what a good work ethic [can] provide.” 

Jazmyn feels that she is gaining professional experience through the CXWorks program and says the most impactful part has been the ability to connect with other amazing people that she intends to stay connected to after the program ends. As a result of her CXWorks training, Jazmyn feels she’s developed skills needed to pursue a career in the customer experience industry.  

We’d like to congratulate Jazmyn and her fellow graduates as they get ready to launch their careers as customer experience professionals. If you or someone you know is interested in the CXWorks program, please visit for more information and how to apply.  



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