Making a Case for Mobile Internet: Nonprofits Share Best Practices

Today’s nonprofits always need to be connected, even when they are not in the office.  And their tools need to be too.   If the goal is to work more productively and cost-effectively, nonprofits using a laptop or netbook and their own affordable, secure Wi-Fi network for use wherever and whenever they need it, have more options.

  • Empower field staff with instant access to online databases
  • Provide community-based access points for your programs
  • Access connectivity for onsite special event registration
  • Stay productive while in the field
  • Monitor & update social networking sites
  • Stream video for use in outreach, fundraising and training
  • Control administrative costs
  • Create virtual office or telecommuting policies

If your nonprofit needs to be more productive, or cost-efficient, while on the go, it’s time to make a case for mobile Internet.   Nonprofits that have already made the case for mobile Internet in their organizations share their best practices:

Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4) (CASE:  Increased productivity)

C4 looked to mobile Internet to increase productivity and enable true community outreach.  On a daily basis, more than 20 clinical social workers crisscross the city delivering counseling and support services.  Having instant access to the information they need—internal databases, medical records and case histories – without having to go back to the office, increases productivity.

Native American Youth & Family Center (CASE:  Reduced costs)

For the Native American Youth & Family Center, low cost mobile Internet was an instant savings.  Reducing gas expenses was a bonus.  With a laptop armed with mobile Internet, outreach staff work in the field between appointments without the added gas costs going to/from headquarters.

Philadelphia FIGHT (CASE:  Extending services)

Information is a powerful tool, but only when you have access to it.  Mobile Internet enabled two computer labs reaching out to 10 locations so Philadelphia FIGHT could deliver its services to the more than 40% of their community unable to afford Internet at home.

To read complete case studies from these nonprofits and others, visit

Mobile Citizen is expanding into the District and making their reduced price program available to our partners.  This leading edge, 4G-powered service is only available to nonprofits for $120/year ($10/month) with unlimited usage.  For nonprofits signing up by October 31st, they are making it even more affordable by including 3 extra free months.  That’s15 months for only $120 and that makes it less than $10/month which is a 70% savings from retail.  Visit to check coverage, complete a short application form, and get started.

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