Jump Start Nonprofit Email Marketing With 5 Quick Tips

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Your nonprofit sends out emails to either donors, constituents, members, employees, subscribers, or all of the above.

As technology changes, so do the needs of this method of communication that’s as old as the internet.

Here are a few tips to help your nonprofit’s email marketing team perform better, drive more interaction, and complete your mission faster.

  1. You don’t have a lot of time

    The average person looks at a given email for 15-20 seconds. As a result, you have to ensure that the the recipient can quickly and easily consume, and understand everything that email has to say.

  2. Have a mission

    Begin each mass email you start crafting with a mission in mind. Do you want to elicit a click through? Or solicit a donation? Are you looking for volunteers? What ever the mission, figure out how it can be accomplished in 15-20 seconds.

  3. Get predictable

    If your daily email is sent out at 6am, ensure it is always on time. The more predictable you become, and the more consistent your content becomes, the more people will trust your email, and even look for it. The people who you’re truly targeting will generally open your emails, find your comfort zone when trying to reach them, and stick to it.

  4. Link to images

    Instead of adding in an image that loads upon opening, add a link to the image instead. Image can be distracting and draw the attention of the reader away from the email’s copy. By adding a link you’re still offering the content, just in a more subtle, less abrasive way.

  5. Use alt text with images

    Alt text is what shows instead of an image, describing what is happening in the image, and prompts the email recipient to download the image by tapping or clicking. This helps your emails load faster, while still offering your recipient the ability to enjoy your images.


How does your nonprofit successfully email market? Let us know in the comment section below.

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