ITWorks Student Spotlight - Ryan Gold

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ITWorks Las Vegas is more than halfway through its fourth ITWorks class! Between the demands of the ITWorks classroom and managing their work, family, and personal responsibilities – sometimes it can be challenging to stay motivated for the whole program. Ryan Gold has demonstrated his commitment to ITWorks with his strong attendance record and self-motivation. We recently spoke with Ryan to hear about the source of his drive and ambition. Read on to learn more.

ITWorks: Why did ITWorks appeal to you?

Ryan: With where I am in life, I should have already ostensibly had degrees and a career. Unfortunately, due to financial strains in my upbringing, I had to hit the workforce right away. This program appealed to me because it’s bringing me up to speed quickly, and it’s giving me more than just a piece of paper. It’s giving me direction. It’s not just limited to the certification.


ITW: ITWorks can be a little overwhelming when you start – taking two exams per week, meeting 100+ volunteers, having tons of resources to use, preparing for internships, studying for the A+ exam, job searching, and more! Has it been challenging having all of this in addition to your out-of-class responsibilities? What makes it worth all the hard work?

R: At first, it was a little overwhelming since I hadn’t been in this kind of routine with so much structure. At this point, though, it’s actually great. I have better time management and I have prioritized ITWorks as my number one. My family and friends understand and are super supportive. It’s the most important thing to me right now. And it’s worth it because I know I’m that much closer to my career. I’m gaining skills that are applicable in pretty much any industry in any circumstance. Technology is so ubiquitous; and it’s made me happy knowing that I have skills that I can speak about. It’s opened an incalculable number of doors.


ITW: Who or what is motivating you to take full advantage of the ITWorks program?

R: The “who” is myself and my family. My family is the type, especially with me, that knows my ability and trusts my choices. I am motivated by my desire to do; I have been intellectually stagnant for a long time, and I needed this change. The entire program here takes what you came in with and builds upon it so that it can become something great, and I’m really happy to be a part of it.


ITW: How is ITWorks preparing you for the career that you want?

R: Being that IT is so broad, they are really giving us a lot to work with – hard skills, soft skills, the mindset, connections, and the community (which is enormous). It’s been overwhelmingly positive, and has given me every tool available that I could possibly want. All of those things are setting me up for nothing but success.


ITW: What do you envision for your future after you graduate from the ITWorks program?
R: I have an affinity for technology, and that can be both a plus and a minus when it comes to this question. All I really want, on a macro scale, is to dedicate myself to the world of IT. I want to get more certifications, earn my degree, and give back to this community. With my social skills, I really think I have the opportunity for management and operations. I want to be part of putting the whole enchilada together. I can be a little over zealous, so I am hoping that my internship will help refine what my next steps are and what the lateral and vertical moves that can be made.


ITW: Why should other young people in your community consider ITWorks? Any tips for future students?

R: If you like problem-solving, then IT might be the field for you. That’s a lot of what this field is – it’s problem solving and reasoning beyond what you can see in front of you. This program is going to enable you beyond anything that you can do alone. It will give you the opportunity to figure out where you want to be in IT, and then push you towards it. You almost have to open up to something even greater than yourself. ITWorks is a world of “we.” And it’s tough; I’m still in the middle of all of this so I have a journey ahead of me but we’ve also already accomplished so much. And don’t forget to use your mentor! I don’t think I could have lucked out any better than I did with my mentor. He is exactly the type of person that I would have wanted to glean information from.


ITW: Anything else we should know?

R: I have been really humbled through this experience despite the agonizing wait. I am thankful for everything.


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