ITWorks Student Spotlight: Cliff Wilson

Before ITWorks, Cliff Wilson worked for a seafood company conducting customer service and inventory. He also had the opportunity to troubleshoot laptops and printers when he worked for Delaware County Community College and was building his own PCs during his free time for fun. ITWorks alumni and friend of Cliff’s, Evan Werner, kept encouraging Cliff to apply to the ITWorks program. It took some prompting, but the fast-paced nature of the course and the promise of expanding his skill sets beyond customer service enticed Cliff to apply.

ITWorks ended up being a great fit. Learning in a classroom setting was beneficial for Cliff, and he appreciated that so much material was covered throughout the course. “With this program, all of the information is useful. I think the program was beneficial to how I am as a learner,” he said.

One Friday Session that stood out to Cliff was hosted by Integra, during which the class heard firsthand accounts about employees’ job experiences. Opportunities like these made Cliff feel more self-assured about his own future employment opportunities.

ITWorks isn’t just about gaining technical knowledge, it’s also about building an array of soft skills that the students can use in their careers. This is done through classroom learning and direct experience in internships. During his five-week internship at Integra, Cliff had the opportunity to image new desktops, manage laptops for employees, and shadowed team members supporting help desk tickets. “It’s been great getting hands-on experience and seeing the process they go through - the thoughts, the questions, theories, and which forums they go to,” Cliff said, “It’s been helping tremendously.”

Having hands-on experience was immensely helpful, and Cliff feels that he has improved in all areas, soft skills and technical skills included. Cliff’s long-term goals are to work in Cyber Security but for now, he is focused on his new position. In the few weeks since graduation, Cliff has started as an IT Services Specialist at the law firm of Buchanan Ingersoll and Rooney PC.

ITWorks classes begin late August in all locations (PA, DE, NV). If Cliff's story has inspired you to pursue a career in IT, send in an application today!
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