ITWorks Spring 2018 Classes to Begin This Month


“Having successfully completed the ITWorks program, I have earned my CISCO IT Essentials and A+ certification. I’ve also obtained two different positions, one part-time position at IPR International and one full-time position at, both in the IT field. I had applied to Hosting before enrolling in ITWorks, but was never interviewed. I recently applied again, and with my A+ on my resume, I was interviewed and got the position, which I start in January. Thanks to ITWorks and the Tech Impact family, I’m on the path to beginning my career,” Jonathan Hinds, a graduate of the Fall 2017 class in Delaware said to the crowd at his ITWorks graduation in December. Now, the ITWorks team is ready to welcome a new cohort of students for Spring 2018.

ITWorks is a free 16-week IT training and certification program that seeks to encourage opportunity youth to gain the skills and experience necessary to start a stable career in the field of information technology. Opportunity youth are those in their early adult years who are neither enrolled in school nor participating in the labor market. The term “opportunity youth” refers to the lost economic opportunities that result from their disconnection. ITWorks is an essential tool to growing the economic opportunity in the communities surrounding Wilmington, DE, Philadelphia, PA, and Las Vegas, NV.

Of the students that are accepted into the ITWorks program:

  • 100% of students earn an internship for the last five weeks.
  • 100% of students earn the Cisco IT Essential Professional Certification.
  • 70% of graduates receive the Comp TIA A+ Professional Certification.
  • 70% of graduates are working at a full-time position within 6 months of graduating.
  • 25% of graduates are retained by the company they interned for.
  • Hear from the students themselves, by checking out our success stories.

And ITWorks doesn’t just benefit the students – volunteers who mentor, host Friday Sessions, and participate in Lunch and Learns gain experience working with and teaching students, as well as learning life lessons from them.

Barclaycard has been a great supporter in both the Las Vegas and Delaware classes. DeAndre Esteen, Assistant Vice President of Community Relations at their Henderson location, truly enjoys having their team volunteer with the ITWorks program: “It’s all about giving back. It’s knowing that you just spent [time] with a group of young folks who may go out and change the world. These students are the future of [the] industry. The volunteers get to be a part of that, by inspiring them and motivating them along the way, and then seeing their ultimate success. There’s no greater joy for someone…than seeing those they taught succeed.”

With the Spring 2018 Las Vegas class starting February 20th, 2018, and the Philadelphia and Delaware classes following on February 26th and March 5th, respectively, our students and volunteers look forward to another challenging and successful 16-week session. Look out for our blogs and snapshots from the classrooms by following ITWorks on Twitter, liking us on Facebook, and connecting with us on LinkedIn:

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