ITWorks Mentor-Mentee Relationships Provide Motivation & Support


Tech Impact’s ITWorks program has had an integral mentorship component since it first began in 2010. Each class cycle, every ITWorks students is matched one-on-one with a mentor – a professional in the field that can help keep them motivated during the ITWorks program and encourage their career growth beyond. There have been some great success stories that have come from these mentor-mentee relationships, but a group of students from the Spring 2017 cohort decided to share their mentor experience with the world by interviewing some of the mentors by podcast. With such a creative and unique idea, we couldn’t help put show-off their hard work.

Although both the mentors and mentees involved in these interviews are in the IT field, they had a lot more to share than just information technology tips. Angela, a Project Manager at Accenture, spoke about emotional intelligence in her interview with ITWorks student, Adrianus, and why it is so important no matter what field you are in. Edwin, a Business Relations Manager at Oracle, emphasized over and over again to, “not burn bridges,” during his interview with Johari, an ITWorks student.

Of course, there is some sage wisdom that relates directly to the IT field as well. The Director of IT at BBD, LLP, Tim, encourages new IT employees to stick it out because “it’s not an easy job” in his interview with My. Like most things that are challenging, it is worth it though! And Doug, a Senior Director at Oracle, discussed agile framework and Scrum in his interview with ITWorks student, Adam.

Mentoring is one component of the ITWorks program that sets it apart. Mentors have the ability to see the transformation of their mentees over the course of 16 weeks, and it’s personally satisfying to help someone who is just getting started in the field. That impact can be seen and felt in this project – a creation that came from the students alone. We are proud of their hard work and effort, and hope it reaches other potential students and mentors.


One of the most important parts of this program is YOU, our volunteers! Over 100 volunteers give their time to each session of ITWorks. Your participation is what sets this program apart and what makes being an ITWorks student such a special experience. There are several ways to get involved in all of our locations: PhiladelphiaDelaware, and Las Vegas.

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