ITWorks Instructor Spotlight - Oliver Withstandley

Hi, my name is Oliver Withstandley, and I have been teaching in the Delaware ITWorks classroom since the fall of 2015; this is my 6th class. I have been teaching my whole life, and am passionate about helping people accomplish their goals. I love seeing understanding occur, whether that is successfully putting together a computer and seeing it turn on for the first time, or figuring out how IP addresses work.

I am a huge technology nerd; when I am not in class teaching technology, you can find me studying new concepts and learning more so that I can bring that knowledge to class; currently I am studying for my Network+ certification and studying basic penetration testing to better understand and explain network security to students.

I am beyond excited to start with this new group of students; my goal is to help them define and then find their success in the IT field.
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