ITWorks Graduates are Landing IT Jobs in All Three Locations


Zahir, Tim, and Chris have new jobs in the IT field after graduating from the ITWorks Spring 2016 session.

Over the past several weeks, ITWorks Spring 2016 graduates have been landing IT employment in all three locations – Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Delaware. Many graduates were offered various full-time positions, contract positions, and internships at a diverse list of companies and organizations. Some of the positions they have secured include Technical Specialist, Help Desk Support, Cyber Security Analyst, Desktop Deployment, Enterprise Device Management, and more!

Zahir, a Philadelphia graduate, is really excited about his new position on a help desk team. “Like any graduate, you always wonder what’s next, but I took the advice of my teachers and started job hunting early. After of a vigorous job search for a month and not hearing anything, I was about to give up when all of a sudden my phone rang and right there on the spot I was having a phone interview. I was told the interview on the phone would be about 10 minutes, but putting my soft skills that I learned at ITWorks to use, 10 minutes turned into half an hour. I was asked to come into a physical interview. Once again, with all the knowledge I gained from ITWorks, I honestly can say I had the best interview of my life. Luckily, my interviewers felt the same and offered me a full-time position. I really like my new job and it’s a place I could see myself being 15-20 years from now.”

The hiring, contract, and internship organizations are just as diverse as the positions themselves, including:

  • Anexeon, LLC
  • Aramark
  • Axiom Cyber Solutions
  • City of Wilmington
  • Computer Aid, Inc.
  • Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
  • Design Strategy at JPMorgan Chase
  • Orbis Solutions, Inc.
  • United Health Care
  • WSFS Bank

Las Vegas graduate, Tim, was able to move directly from his internship into a full-time position. "When I first went in to interview, I was told that it was a job interview, something more than an internship. After the initial 5-week internship, and having not burnt anything down, it was safe to say I was staying on board. The reason I stayed was because of the security of the job, and the light-hearted community that was shown. They really want to grow as a company and provide a learning ground for both myself and another ITWorks graduate, where we can bombard the other engineers with questions or learn about specific companies and the programs they use. All in all,  am growing as a technician, and it's invaluable to be in this kind of setting to really understand what it means to be in IT in a real world setting. "

The entire ITWorks family is excited about the opportunities available for our graduates, and cannot wait to see where their careers take them! Chris, a Delaware graduate, expressed his gratitude for the help he received during his job search. “Thanks so much for all of ITWorks’ and Tech Impact’s help! I can’t even put into words how grateful I am for all of the support.”

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