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Tech Impact is participating in the Do More 24 Delaware event, a 24-hour giving day powered by United Way of Delaware, on June 1, 2017 in support of our ITWorks Delaware technology training program for young adults. Your support in the form of a donation to ITWorks through the Do More 24 Delaware giving day event will help to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to successfully graduate ITWorks and succeed in their IT internship and future career. Save the date and donate to ITWorks on June 1, 2017! Learn more about the ITWorks program and how it breaks the cycle of generational poverty below. 

Why do these giving days matter? Sometimes it’s hard for people to promise monthly donations to organizations, and it’s possible that many people don’t know organizations are in their local area. By designating a single day of giving, this encourages organized fundraising and public outreach. Here at Tech Impact, we have participated in giving days not only in Delaware, but in Pennsylvania and Nevada as well. Interested in donating or getting involved in this year’s Do More 24 DE? Join us on June 1st and #GiveWhereYouLive :

Student Success Stories

Michael Wanner


"The best part of the program had to be how dynamic it was. Not only did we have amazing people within the ITWorks crowd, we had the privilege of having different companies talk to us about subjects that would help us along our career. My life has dramatically improved in all kinds of ways since graduation, all of which I can thank the ITWorks team for. I appreciate them to no end. "

Michael is currently in an extended internship at Arora Engineers, where he has been able to combine two of his expertise – mechanical drawing and information technology.

Justin Calabrese


"From the beginning, the ITWorks program gave me more support that I could have ever hoped for. They gave me the tools, knowledge, time, but most of all they gave me a chance. A chance to become someone that has value in this world. Everything they have done for me has helped me grow not only my skills but as a person as well."

Justin interned with the help desk at Tech Impact. He proved to be a dynamic member of the team and was hired right after!

Jess Heilner


"I can safely say that applying to ITWorks has been the best decision I have ever made. The information, skills, and confidence I’ve gained in 16 weeks with ITWorks have been invaluable and help me everyday regardless of what facet of technology I am working with. It is a wonderful opportunity and a solid foundation to build your career on - this program is uniquely life changing, and the world needs more like it. "

Jess had a unique internship with the Data Team here at Tech Impact. With a knack for analyzing data and an interest in storytelling, she was brought on as an employee upon completion of her internship.

Help Tech Impact ensure our ITWorks students will have the technical knowledge and professional skills to be successful in their internship – where they gain real-world experience in the IT field – and in life. Approximately 40% of our students are unemployed prior to enrolling in the ITWorks Delaware program, and the vast majority that are working prior to the program are earning minimum wage. ITWorks equips students with the resources and skills to succeed in the 21st century workforce, increasing their economic mobility and employability, and breaking the cycle of generational poverty.


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