ITWorks Delaware Student Spotlight - Nick Maidanos

Nick1.jpgThe students in our ITWorks Delaware class are more than halfway through the Fall 2017 session! By the end of this week, students will be CompTIA A+ certified and focusing on their internships starting next week. Nick heard about the program from a friend who graduated a few years ago and has been impressed at what the friend accomplished since ITWorks – even buying a house – so he knew he had to give it a try. We sat down to check-in about his experience. Read on to learn more.

ITWorks: Why did ITWorks appeal to you?
Nicholas: Well I always had a passion for tech ever since I was young. I would always be tinkering with my old computer and game consoles to get the most out of them. So, I knew I wanted to work with tech, but I just never knew where to start. That's why ITWorks is perfect for me. Through the Cisco IT essentials, A+ certification, and the 5 weeks of internship – it provides everything I needed to help jumpstart my career in the IT field.

ITW: ITWorks can be a little overwhelming when you start – taking two exams per week, meeting 100+ volunteers, having tons of resources to use, preparing for internships, studying for the A+ exam, job searching, and more! Has it been challenging doing all of this in addition to your out-of-class responsibilities? What makes it worth all the hard work?
N: Yes, the program can get a little overwhelming at times, but overcoming these challenges through studying, working hard, time management, and asking all the necessary questions gives a great feeling of accomplishment. Also, knowing I can translate all of these techniques that I have been using to my future career makes it all the better!

ITW: Who or what is motivating you to take full advantage of the ITWorks program?
N: I was directed to the ITWorks program through my good friend Matt. Matt went through the same program a few years back and has been working in IT ever since. He is always talking about how much he loves his job, and more recently he was even able to move into his own house. He highly recommended the program to me and seeing what he has done and accomplished keeps me very motivated in this program.

ITW: How is ITWorks preparing you for the career that you want?
N: Well not only is the ITWorks program preparing me for the A+ (I already passed the 901!), but it also is helping me with a lot of non-tech related skills that I didn't feel as strong in coming into the program, like resume building and interviewing. What was most useful for me, though, was going into IT companies and having them talk to us and just give us tips on how to do well at our future IT Jobs.

ITW: What do you envision for your future after you graduate from the ITWorks program?
N: I always saw myself working with a company to help build my IT Skills. I'm not sure where I want to end up just yet, but after going through this program and talking to a lot of people in the industry I definitely have a strong foundation. I would like to grow in areas such as networking, security or maybe even programing.

ITW: Why should other young people in your community consider ITWorks? Any tips for future students?
N: Well if you have strong interest in working in IT and don't know how to get started, then this program will be great for you. It helps build a strong network of people that will work with you and want to see you get ahead. As for tips, work together with your classmates to combine resources and help find useful ways to study. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about a subject you're unfamiliar with or don't fully understand. The instructors here are passionate about teaching. But most important, just have fun. You will meet many different people and visit many different places that will lead to an unforgettable experience throughout. 


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