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The ITWorks Delaware started the Fall 2017 session this week! We caught up with one incoming student to learn how he heard about the ITWorks program and what made him decide to apply. Kyle Williams’ father works in the IT field in Las Vegas. When his dad came to know of our ITWorks class in Las Vegas and that it was offered in Wilmington – he knew that Kyle needed to give it a shot. Having been introduced to technology as a child, Kyle always had an interest and is ready to turn it into a career. Read on to learn more about Kyle’s story.

ITWorks: What have you been doing prior to starting ITWorks in regards to work and/or school?

Kyle: Before ITWorks, I have been working full-time in a warehouse environment. I’ve been there for the past three years. I had considered returning to school, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to study or what path I wanted to follow. Previously, I had studied for about two semesters at East Stroudsburg University, but the lack of clarity of the career I wanted to pursue made me decide to take a break so I didn’t throw away my money. It was this year when I finally decided that I was ready to pursue my higher education, and that’s when ITWorks came into my life.

ITW: How did you hear about the ITWorks program? What made you decide to apply?

K: I heard about the ITWorks program from my father. He is senior-level in his IT career and had gotten involved with the Las Vegas program. He knew that I had some interest in the technology field since he had introduced it to me as a child, so he sent me the information about the Delaware program. The structure of the program and how it’s set up is what really stood out to me about ITWorks. It’s a classroom environment, but it offers so much more. I feel like the program actually provides and serves its students, as opposed to a student trying to figure everything out along the way

ITW: What are you most looking forward to about the 11-week classroom portion of the program? Anything you are nervous about?

K: I really enjoy working on computers, so I am just excited for all the hands-on learning. I haven’t been in a classroom setting in a long time, so I think that might take some adjusting – but I wouldn’t say I’m really nervous about it. It’s just going to take some getting used to at first.

ITW: What are you excited about during the internship? Is there a specific experience you are hoping to walk away with?

K: I’m excited to get out and learn what it’s like to be working in the field alongside of other people who have experience. I think it’s going to further prepare me for my career going forward and take everything that I’ve learned in the classroom to put it into practice.

ITW: How do you think going through ITWorks will help in your job search after graduation?

K: With the certifications, I know my resume is going to stand out so I’m looking forward to that. I am not really sure where I want to start just yet, but I hope that after graduating ITWorks and my mentor will help steer me in the right direction of where I might want to proceed.

ITW: What is/are your ultimate career goal(s)? Where do you want to be in the next year or two? Ten to 15 years?

K: In the short-term, I would like to find a job that allows me to leave my current job – even if it’s with the same company. They have an IT department that I wouldn’t mind exploring. Looking further down the road, I’m not sure what I would like to do yet, but I would love to relocate to the West Coast.

ITW: What has been/will be the impact of ITWorks in your life?

K: It’s getting me started again with my education and school. It’s been a long pause for me as far as really getting going into my career. ITWorks is providing me with the opportunity to start what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

ITW: Why do you think programs like ITWorks are important? What benefits do they bring?

K: It gives students an opportunity to take their lives to an entirely different level. At the community-level, it connects individuals who have the skills and knowledge in a particular field and connects them with the students who need that kind of exposure. It’s really just about making connections all across the board. ITWorks brings people together, and that’s really is what is most important 

ITW: What are your hobbies, unrelated to information technology?

K: I like watching movies. I don’t think I can pick just one favorite. I also like to travel and plan trips for my family. Disney World is my favorite!

ITW: Anything else we should know?

K: Before I heard of ITWorks, my motivation has been my son. I was really excited to provide for him. Now that I am starting this ITWorks journey, I am even more motivated! I want to build a great life for him and provide the same opportunities for him as my father provided for me.

ITWorks is an award winning 16-week job training program that changes lives. ITWorks offers free, immersive IT training to young adults– motivated high school graduates, 18-26 years old, who have not yet completed a Bachelor’s degree.

Students earn a professional certification in IT and a real-world internship inside leading corporations and nonprofits.

ITWorks offers both Spring and Fall classes. Even though it is too late to register for this semester, we are currently accepting applications for our Spring 2018 classes which begin February 2018, with interviews beginning in December 2017.

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