ITWorks Alumni Spotlight: Jade Weddleton

Jade Weddleton had already worked a series of jobs and had begun a degree in advertising when she saw a friend’s post about ITWorks on social media. As she was finishing her associate’s degree, Jade realized that she felt a strong connection to IT, having taken computer classes both in high school and in her college program. When the post about a free IT training course appeared on her Facebook timeline, Jade knew immediately that ITWorks could be a better path for her.

During the program, Jade connected with how hands-on the ITWorks program was. In the first week of the program, she and her classmates got to open a computer and reassemble it. Jade enjoyed learning about IT in a way that was not just watching a PowerPoint presentation or reading a textbook. Jade appreciated that the students were encouraged to use a variety of resources to learn and prepare for the CompTIA A+ and Cisco IT Essentials certification exams.

In addition to 11 weeks of classroom learning, each student must also complete a five-week internship. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the ITWorks team and internship hosts had to quickly adjust to a remote internship model. Jade secured a remote internship at Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) where she worked closely with some of the organization’s top employees and learned the programs and protocols that CAI uses for client calls. After graduating from ITWorks, Jade secured a full-time position at CAI as a Service Desk Analyst.

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