ITWorks Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Lopez-Basilio

While searching for certification programs, Daniel Lopez-Basilio stumbled across a description of ITWorks. At the time, Daniel was working in the healthcare field and was looking for a career change where he could grow in his abilities and have more financial stability. He saw the technology industry as a pathway to this goal.

As he explained, “ never slows down, there’s always room for advancement, whether it be hardware, software, managing, security features. There’s a lot you can dive into.”

Danny recognized that having a certification could help him pursue many options, from owning your own business, to working for a company, the government, the army, and more. Daniel noted, “You can take that skill set and apply it anywhere. That’s what made me take that initiative and take that step to learn about computers, get the foundation, get all the fundamentals down...Wherever I move there’s going to be technology.”

During the program, Daniel connected with his fellow students. He appreciated that although they came from different backgrounds, they were there for a common goal - to become certified. The class initially met in person, and Daniel was able to meet his fellow classmates and develop relationships with them. When the program transitioned to a remote classroom, Daniel learned the importance of self-motivation and discipline. Experiencing the program during COVID-19 reminded Daniel that both responsibility and adaptability are key skill sets for his future. The challenge of COVID-19 pushed Daniel to meet his goals of passing the course and obtaining the Cisco IT Essentials certification.

When reflecting on how the ITWorks program has helped him professionally, Daniel said, "'s made me open my eyes to see technology is all around us and [that] there’s different ways to apply what I know now. Whatever I pick, I can grow and keep growing and reach the highest certification. I’m just striving for more and more.”

For Daniel’s five-week internship, ITWorks placed him with NERDitNow where they refurbished laptops that would be donated to community members. Daniel gained a lot of hands-on experience from this internship and now can confidently install Windows systems onto laptops and fix iPhones.

Daniel left the ITWorks program feeling solid in his foundational knowledge of tech. He is currently working towards his next IT job and plans to keep working toward his Net+ certification. If Daniel’s drive inspires you, and you’re looking for a free opportunity to pursue your passion for tech, consider applying to the ITWorks program.

Take it from Daniel, “It’s not easy to get in, but once you’re in – what you make out of it is all up to you. They provide the services for you and there’s no [loss] factor for the candidates. It allows you to grow wherever you want to go. If you think tech is for you, sign up.”

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