How to Access Free IT Training for Young Adults through ITWorks

Why settle for just a job when you could be starting a career? IT workers are in demand. Many IT jobs include great pay and benefits. 

Tech Impact’s ITWorks offers free training to motivated young adults who are high school graduates, ages 18-26 years old, and who have not earned a bachelor’s degree. Over 1,000 people have earned the skills to start their IT career, through the free ITWorks program, and you could be next.  Our corporate partners hire program graduates and help us secure employment for seventy percent of our program graduates. Here’s how you can launch an IT career without a degree.

Start an IT Career Without a Degree

ITWorks Students Working on Laptops Taking Notes

You might think a college degree is necessary to begin a career as an IT support professional, data management, data analytics, cloud networking, cyber security and technical support. But that's not true! Employers are hiring people with technical certifications, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and real-life experience. Our ITWorks program provides technical training, soft skills development, and a five-week internship to place real-life experiences on your resume. Our employer partners mentor students in class, host interns, and serve as valuable references and referrals for your future employment opportunities. 

IT Certifications You Can Get Without a College Degree

Two certifications are sought after for entry level IT support professionals -- Comp TIA A+ and CISCO IT Essentials. Over sixteen weeks in ITWorks, students earn at least one of these certifications using curriculum provided by CISCO and Accenture. These certifications are the first step in securing an entry-level IT position earning between $35,000 and $40,000 annually. You will prepare to pass your exams through in-person instruction and hands-on learning. Our coursework includes labs that deconstruct computer and server hardware and hands-on activities that help you put learning into action.

Find an IT Job in Philadelphia, Delaware, Las Vegas, or Remote

ITWorks establishes connections for you with leading companies in the IT industry. These companies provide funding for your training and hire ITWorks graduates in Philadelphia, Delaware, Las Vegas, and remote. You will get opportunities for one-of-a-kind networking with corporations actively hiring for IT positions.

MGM Grand, BarclayCardUS, WSFS, Comcast, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and other employer partners provide opportunities for you to meet their team, work with mentors, and interview for exclusive internships that lead to full-time employment.

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Tech Impact’s ITWorks training program provides just what you need to start a career as a Help Desk Technician, End User Support Tech, IT Specialist, or Field Technician. Gain the skills through certifications and launch your pathway to a career in the tech industry.


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