Interning at Peirce: Not your Average Internship


What do people think of when they hear the word intern?  Most people think of someone who is unpaid and just getting coffee for people.  Well at Peirce, an intern is a valued member of the team.





Here are the top 5 reasons why I love interning at Peirce:


The Name - This is a given, but it is so cool to have the ability to say, “Hi my name is Pierce and I’m interning at Peirce.” This is easily my favorite part about working at Peirce.

The People - Everyone I met there has been so inviting and friendly.  They take any question you may have and are more than happy to help with any problems that arise.  

The Comradery - The IT department is small at Peirce, and because of this it’s easy to collaborate on projects.  You don’t have to cross lines between networking, support, and programming.  Everyone knows who everyone is, so you don’t have to hope Frank from networking is available and has a fix.  The IT department is like a family and that is the kind of team I want to be on!

New Things Everyday - Everyday there is a new ticket or software which really broadens my knowledge.  One day we are data wiping hard drives and the next we are logging new phones into the database.  Before interning at Peirce I had never done either of those things, and this is just one example.  Because everyone wears so many hats, it gives ample opportunity to pick up new knowledge or a new skill set.

The Atmosphere - Peirce is charged with a relaxed energy.  We have many potlucks during the holidays and no one ever seems stressed.  The atmosphere is very easy-going and no one rushes progress.  Peirce has been one of my favorite places to work and I hope to keep the connections I’ve made here as active as they are now!


Peirce is a great place to work and being here doesn’t feel like work.  Unfortunately my time here is coming to a close but I hope to find new opportunities in the IT field from my IT Works Intern, receive my Android developer certification soon, and find a career in app development.  


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