Infographic: Why Video Is The Best Form Of Engagement

There is a seemingly infinite number of ways for you to engage viewers online. Whether it be through well written content, deeply researched infographics presented in a visually stimulating way, a video, social media, or even a meme.

Nonprofits everywhere are searching for ways to increase their exposure online to increase donations, spur community involvement, and to make the world a better place. So with their noble goals in mind, what is the best way to engage users online? If the title didn't already give it away, it's videos.

Did you know that over 100 million people watch videos online each day. Or that videos are are 4x more engaging than static content?

If your nonprofit is not already generating some form of video content, consider this infographic and maybe you'll change your mind.

Image courtesy of SocialFish Image courtesy of SocialFish
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