Infographic Friday: Think Mobile First

If there was any doubt before, everyone now knows social media is here to stay.

The seemingly endless flavors of platforms are all filling their respective niches and enrapturing audiences across the board with engaging, user created content.

Finding ways to tap into theses audiences for marketing purposes has been a challenge. Marketers must tread lightly to not disrupt the delicate balance of content and alienate users. However, nonprofits and for profit corporations alike are beginning to understand because of big data and better analytics just how their marketing campaigns fit into these platforms.

With the social advertising market projects to grow to $11 billion by 2017, getting a leg up on social media marketing, and more specifically mobile marketing, should be top priority in 2014 and beyond. Here are a few statistics to help your nonprofit understand the importance of the mobile platform.

Image courtesy of Unified Image courtesy of Unified

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